At first, the land of Zabulon and the land of Neptalym were allayed with leniency; the last, the ways of the see beyond Jordan were made hard, for the Gentile Galilee.


Z początku, krainy Zabulon i Neptalim ułagodzono wyrozumiale; na ostatek, powyżej Jordanu drogi morza stały się trudne, dla etnicznej Galilei.


Isaiah, 9:1
Volume 3, page 242


Wycliffe Early Version
The firste tyme is aleggid, or ‘maad liʒt’, the lond of Zabulon and the lond of Neptalym ; and the laste tyme agreggid is the weie of the se beʒunde Jordan of Galilee of Jentiles.


Wycliffe Later Version
In the firste tyme the lond of Zabulon and the lond of Neptalym was releessid; and at the laste the weie of the see biʒende Jordan of Galile of hethene men was maad heuy.



From Old French alegier
Latin alleviare, to relieve
For a related modern form, please compare allege

Modern senses

to relieve, to allay


Additional notes

to allege: from Middle English aleggen; Anglo-Norman aleger; Latin alegare, from ad- and legare
Please compare legere, to read


The adjective Gentile has been used in translation for the sense ethnic, please see Wiktionary and Wikipedia.