My wife shuddered at my breath, and I prayed for the sons of my lap.


Moja żona wzdragała się na mój oddech, a ja modliłem się o synów w mych objęciach.


Job, 19:17
Volume 2, page 699


Wycliffe Early Version
My wif agriside my breth ; and I preʒede the sones of my wombe.


Wycliffe Later Version
My wijf wlatide my breeth ; and Y preiede the sones of my wombe.



Old English āgrīsan
For a related modern form, please compare grisly

Modern senses

to shudder at, to turn away from


Additional notes

womb: from Old English wamb; Old High German wamba, belly as of association different than the stomach, a tender part; today: the lap.


To compare Greek mythology, the story of Cronus elaborated on the abdomen and vocabulary differences between eating or care.


the lap, to lap: the sense of holding in the arms, close to own body, cuddling, appeared later than Wycliffe Bible; in the 14th century the sense was to fold, wrap, as in cloth; please compare the Wiktionary.