Truly did they place, on each side of the breast brooch, the rings through which to hang the two golden chains, set in by two hooks in the edges of the shoulder cloak. The elements in the front and in the back agreed so, that the cloak and the breast piece straight might be drawn together to the girdle, coupled strong with the rings, to which a buckle of hyacinth joined, lest they might unbind, and so that they kept together, as the Lord told Moses.


A prawdziwie, po obu stronach broszy napierśnej umieścili pierścienie, przez które przewieszone być miały owe dwa złote łańcuchy, osadzone haczykami w skrajach ramion szaty. Części wierzchnie i z drugiej strony pasowały tak, że okrycie i broszę wprost do ramienia dało się ściągnąć, mocno, wraz z pierścieniami, do czego zapinka hiacyntowa się łączyła, gdyby się miały poluźnić, a razem żeby się trzymały, jak powiedział Pan Mojżeszowi.


Exodus 39:17-19
Volume 1, page 288


Wycliffe Early Version
Forsothe the rynges thei putten in either side of the breest broche, fro the whiche shulden honge the two goldun cheynes, the whiche thei setten yn with hokis, the whiche stoden ouer aferre in the corneris of the coope. Thes thingis and beforn and bihynde so cordiden to hem seluen, that the coope and the breest broche streyt my3ten be knyt togidere to the girdil, and with rynges strengere cowplid, the whiche the iacynctyne filete ioyned, lest large thei my3ten loose, and be meuyd togidere fro hem seluen, as the Lord comaundide to Moyses.


Wycliffe Later Version
Forsothe thei settidenv the ryngis onw euer either side of the racional of whiche ryngis twei goldun chaynes hangiden, whiche thei settiden in the hokis, that stondena forth in the corneris of the ‘cloth on the schuldris. These acordiden so to hem silf, bothe bifore and bihynde, that the ‘cloth on the schuldriss, and the racional , weren knyt togidere, fastnedk to the girdil, and couplid ful strongli with ryngis, whiche” ryngis a lace of iacynt ioynede togidere, lest tho weren looser, and ‘fletiden douni, and weren rnoued ech from other, as the Lord comaundide to Moises.


Wycliffe forms and reference

acordith, is fit, agrees, Genesis 48:18; Luke 5:36
p. t. pl. acordiden, Exodus 39:18;
p.p. acordid, accordid, Mathew 5:24, 20:13;
Corinthians 7:2


Modern form


Modern senses

to fit, agree, match


Middle English acorden
Old French acorder

Comparative Latin

Latin ad- and cor, cordis heart