I have known it is for you the Lord betakes this land; for your ghastliness is fallen onto us, and all the dwellers of the land have been scared.


Wiem, że to dla was Pan bierze ten ląd, jako że dojęła nas wasza straszliwość, a mieszkańcy tych ziem wszyscy są strwożeni.


Joshua 2:9
Volume 1, page 559


Wycliffe Early Version
Y haue knowe that the Lord shal taak to ʒow the loond ; forsothe ʒoure gastnes is faln into vs, and alle the dwellers of the loond ben abasshidy.


Wycliffe Later Version
Y knowe that the Lord hath bitake to you this lond; for youre feerdfulnesse felde in to vs, and alle the dwelleris of the lond `weren sike.


Wycliffe forms and reference

abasshid, Joshua 2:9; abaist, Ezechiel 21:14; abaischt, abaschid, Mark 5:42, abaist, Mark 16:5


Modern form

Please compare abeyance

Modern senses

to confound, to disconcert, to embarrass
Please compare fear


Middle English abaishen, to lose one’s composure
Anglo-French abaiss-, abair, to astonish
Old French esbahir, esbair, esbahiss-

Comparative Greek

ek-, out of, from